Eliminate your paper statements by switching to our free and secure e-Statement service.


What are eStatements?
e-Statements are electronic version of your mailed paper account statements.


- faster than receiving a mailed statement
safe - eliminates the risk of mail being lost or stolen
convenient - easy record-keeping - a 7-year electronic archive beginning September 12, 2009
flexible - can also be stored on your computer for off-line access
logical - no paper handling or filing required

eliminates paper consumption
eliminates energy used to shred and recycle statements and inserts
eliminates the carbon footprint created through motorized mail delivery

How do I switch to e-statements?

If you already have access to MemberDirect® Internet Banking. Once you are logged in, just click on the 'Stop Paper Statements' link located to left side of the screen. Complete the online request form, submit, and you are done. If you do not have online banking please contact your branch.

How do I access my e-statements?

If you are currently a MemberDirect Internet Banking user, you already have access to a secure and environmentally friendly version of your statement when logged in to your online banking. Just click on the 'e-Statements' link on the left side of the webpage under the 'shortcuts' menu.

Please Note: Members will continue to receive their mailed paper statements unless they Opt-Out of receiving paper statements by visiting MemberDirect Internet Banking and clicking on the 'Stop Paper Statements' button on the left side of the page. By switching to e-statements, you can help minimize the energy and waste associated with mailing of your paper statement each month.

For those members not currently signed up for MemberDirect Internet Banking and interested in e-Statements, please contact you branch.