ATM Access

MEMBER CARD® Debit Card allows access to Credit Union accounts through Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) across Canada and worldwide, 24 hours a day. MEMBER CARD debit card will also let you make purchases at retailers displaying the Interac Direct Payment logo. Service charges vary, according to the type of account you hold with GVC Credit Union.

Surcharge-free deposits, PIN changes & more!

As a credit union member, you can use any of the deposit-taking ATMs on THE EXCHANGE® Network to make a deposit. Check out the list of participating financial institutions. You can also use oth ATM locator to allow you to find the nearest ATM and sort by which ATM offers surcharge-free withdrawals, deposits, PIN changes and more!

Benefits of chip technology

  • Enhanced Security – chip cards contain an embedded microchip that is able to store data that is encrypted. This makes it extremely difficult to copy, change or counterfeit providing greater security for card holders
  • Greater Convenience – chip cards are inserted into a terminal rather than swiped. Your card never has to leave your hand, providing a simple and secure way to pay
  • Greater PIN Control – Change your PIN anytime at any GVC Credit Union ATM or any ATM on THE EXCHANGE® network. Click, THE EXCHANGE®, to view the network

Carrying Out a CHIP Transaction

Carrying out a transaction with your new chip MEMBER CARD® Debit Card will be very similar to how you’ve done it before. The only difference is that you will insert the card into a terminal rather than swipe it. Here’s how it works:

  1.  Insert your MEMBER CARD® Debit Card into the terminal reader slot
  2.  Leave your card in the terminal for the duration of the transaction
  3.  Follow the prompts as usual to complete your transaction
  4.  Once the transaction is complete, remove your card


If you have any questions about your chip MEMBER CARD® Debit Card please contact your branch or GVC's Help Line at 604.421.3565